Kreativ Events

Kreativ Events Nederland is an event company based in The Hague and consists of a strong team of young professionals. With ten years of experience, they are still growing in an ever-changing dynamic event industry.

Kreativ Events Nederland owns a number of market-concepts such as Salt Market, Summer of Love Market and Le Marie Marché. All concepts inculude high-quality market, offering products ranging from vintage funiture to exceptional French food. The markets are a great daytime excape for people of all ages.

Besides the owned market-concepts, Kreativ Events Nederland creates and customises events for multiple partners and retailer associations throughout The Netherlands. They see each and every event in their own unique way and as an opportunity to create memorable experiences for all of those involved.

Kreativ Events places their stakeholders as a priority; the event participants, project clients as well as the event customers are all highly valued. The collaboration between the three stakeholders is what creates the success formula for the realization of unique and memorable events. Hence, Kreativ Events is continously on the look out for sustainable partnerships for the future.



Rusthoekstraat 32
2584 CV Den Haag





Upcoming events for Kreativ Events

Sat 21 Oct 2017

Bouck’s festival

Bouck’s Festival was launced in 2016 to let people rediscover the Boekhorststraat. With all its new stores the Boekhorststraat is really the place to be. That's why this year the second edition of Bouck’s festival will be held!

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Sun 22 Oct 2017

Dogs at Sea

Dogs at Sea is the event that makes all dog tails way a little faster. We'll celebrate the first weekend of the year that dogs are allowed on the beach with numerous workshops, shows and activities.

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Sat 28 Oct 2017

Halloween Market

Halloween is getting more and more famous in the Netherlands. De Keizerstraat in Scheveningen embraces this new tradition. So get ready for hundreds of children in disguise, delicious food and live music. 

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18 Nov 19 Nov 2017

What the Fork?!?

The fourth edition of the What The Fork?!? Foodtruck festival is here, a foodtruck festival at a very special location: De Pier in Scheveningen. Get ready for Foodtrucks and foodbikes that serve delicious food. So taste as much as your belly can take!

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