De Uithof

De Uithof was built in 1970. On January 2, 1973 Uithof officially opened its 400-meter icetrack and ice hockey hall.

It soon became a platform for a large number of skating tournaments. The 1979 Women’s World Cup and the 1983 European Men’s Championship took place at De Uithof .

Partly because of these successes, De Uithof expanded in 1983 with a second training hall. With the completion in October of that year, De Uithof became the largest skating center in Europe. The 400-meter track was covered and officially opened in November 1989.

In 2000, De Uithof changed from a skating center into a versatile sports center. De Uithof now offers a skislope, a go-kart track, a climbing wall and a health club. It also offers a restaurant and an après ski bar.


Jaap Edenweg 10
2544 NL The Hague