Shared Dining @Opporto

Opporto is perfect for a night of Shared Dining
Shared Dining is all the rage and super fun! You can experience this yourself at café-restaurant Opporto Scheveningen in The Hague. You and your party can enjoy various small seafood dishes or a collection of Asian-oriented dishes in the contemporary restaurant.

Opporto is specialized in fish and seafood, but of course meat lovers and vegetarians are more than welcome as well! You can enjoy a lovely composed Seafood platter or a diversity of tasteful dishes in Scheveningen. This means a full evening’s programme consisting of all sorts of culinary delights at an affordable price.

Lounge and cocktail bar
Want to enjoy an after-dinner cup of coffee or drink? Then come to the Opporto lounge or cocktail bar, where atmospheric live music is the rule rather than the exception. We don’t serve elaborate dinners here but you can order finger food under the pretext of ‘Shared Dining’.

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Shared Dining Example

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