Ice karting at the De Uithof

Drifting on Ice, a spectacular experience

From April 1st to June 11th the 400 meter skate range will be the domain of the Ice Karts. After the ice skate season we’ll convert our ice skate range to a spectacular Ice Kart track for 2,5 months of drifting on ice. The karts run on gasoline and the tires are equiped with special spikes.

The Heats have 16 competitors and take 12 minutes. The minimal height required is 1.60 meters. All the laps will be recorded and after each heat a billboard will show who had the fastest time and the most laps.

Ice Karting is a spectacular experience full of adrenaline. So get ready for G-forces, drifting and splashes of ice.

Reserve a spot: 0900-33848463 or Information on arrangements: 070-3099649 of


Jaap Edenweg 10
2544 NL The Hague