Bloggers Reception 2.0

After the resounding success at Bar Eleven, we are back! This time at Smoked Bar.B.Q Q 🔥

* * * Introducing the BLOGGERS RECEPTION 2.0! * * *

The Hague has a lot of fine restaurants; as a blogger you know all about it! This upcoming BLOGGERS RECEPTION is a way to meet each other in a non-formal atmosphere, while enjoying some good snacks & drinks.

Are you a hospitality entrepreneur who wants to get in touch with influencers, vloggers and bloggers? At the Bloggers Reception you will meet the most important online communities in The Hague!

Who is this evening for?
– Every hospitality entrepreneur who wants to know more about the world of important influencers, bloggers and various vloggers.
– Bloggers with popular online blogs and a large group of followers.

More than ever, these online communities know exactly how to reach the right target groups that can give your business an enormous boost!

This evening is all about sharing ideas to create opportunities for the hospitality industry.


Torenstraat 49
2513 BN Den Haag